Fellow she picked up downtown & flirted home suddenly
veers off dead on her hip, & without
warning, o chick little, the sky starts
falling blue-flakily past the stylish bedroom’s one
unoccupied window (cats
were chattering at birds in the bush at the other).
Something inconvenient has got
to be done with a body now, what?

First, though: common decency just before its practical
collapse has a say. There was that jiffy (the sky
chipped) you thought you’d cherish the very
fingernails he skimmed in the silks you’d lift
off your wrists to the void, when the ceiling
in disrepair sprinkled down on the skinless
split breasts in the kitchen sink
as their juices sank under them,

everybody marinating for love. O rue
of the day, suffice. Before the dustup, when something
about to catch her eye concerning the firmament didn’t,
nor his, the stranger thing happened: her trellis
shook itself into purple blossom, waking up,
& a hummingbird pair adapted to buzz the human
staggering heart. Touch of a sweet she bit from him. Not
everything deteriorates according to plan.

Dear lady, hush. Don’t go spooky, incoherent.
Incidents like this & worse befall day in & out & did
long before any flap about the blue broke
— yet into
toppling cumulus fluke upon freak abandon kit
& career, municipal offices run like lunatic fringe
candidates for her life. As if less drastic
measures hadn’t eluded already! — terrestrial rubble
didn’t blurt up & redouble, slurry off on molten cobalt.

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