from Pencils’ Soup and Zulka

Pencils’ Soup

The new TV Series “Damzars’ Invasion” will soon begin. This is an action-fiction series depicting the cruel alien Damzars: Dracor and Puhltzet and their crafty helper Had-Tzefa. The Damzars plan to kill Malkizeret, the tiny kind king of all humanity, and conquer the earth.

Tali, who does not like the violent Damzars, suggests to her friend Elad to turn off the TV and play with her. Elad, glued to the TV screen, refuses. What will Tali do with the frightening Damzar dolls? Who will eat her pencils’ soup? Why does Elad laugh so loudly?

This is a funny story full of surprises, blurring the borders between reality, play and fictional TV, all in Tali’s imaginative pencils’ soup.

Pencils’ Soup (Israel: 2000)
WRITTEN BY Orly Melamed
SPONSORED BY the Amos Foundation for Scholars and Authors
Zulka, WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED BY Lucy Elkvity, is a story about a little girl
who has to stay with a babysitter that happens to be a witch.

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