One Hundred Days in the Cave

“The person looking for a fixed identity is often the same person
looking for God (escape into emptiness).”

— Fanny Howe, The Winter Sun

Koreans count the gestation period as the first year in a child’s life.

It is believed that the mother’s thoughts, behaviors, and feeling during the pregnancy will have a formative influence on the well-being of the fetus, so the prenatal period is called the education period for the unborn child.

A dream may predict the kind of person the unborn child will be.

Someone very close to the child to be born — the mother, grandfather or other close relative — is likely to have such a significant premonition-like dream.

If the dream is about a bear, the child is likely to be a boy; if about a snake, it will be a girl; if a sky or star appears in the dream the child will go very far in life.

Should the relative be visited by a dream in which the newborn child holds the moon, then that child will be an especially previous person.

— “Understanding My Child’s Korean Origins,” a booklet from Holt International

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