Cerise Press, an international online journal based in the United States and France, was founded in 2009 by Sally Molini, Karen Rigby, and Fiona Sze-Lorrain with an aim to build cross-cultural bridges by featuring artists and writers in English and translations. The journal served as a gathering force where imagination, insight, and conversation express the evolving and shifting forms of human experience. A member of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP) from 2009-2013, Cerise Press was published tri-quarterly. Each issue featured poetry, translations, fiction, essays, art, photography, reviews, and interviews by established and emerging writers and artists.

…a gathering force where imagination, insight, and conversation express the evolving and shifting forms of human experience.

The inaugural Summer 2009, Vol. 1 Issue 1 was published on July 1, 2009. Library Journal named Cerise Press among the “Best of Magazines 2009,” citing the “high-quality eclectic mix… enhanced by exceptionally clean, tasteful graphic design and crisp, detailed images.” The first issue garnered further notice through works by poet Eleanor Wilner and essayist Jie Li, which were anthologized in Best of the Web 2010 (Dzanc Books). Cerise Press was also one of three runner-ups in the 2009 Million Writers Award for best new online magazine or journal. Verse Daily selected poems from eleven issues for the Web Monthly and Web Weekly features, and the Powell’s Review-a-Day series reprinted several reviews from 2010-11. In January of 2011, Lantern Review featured a review of the Fall/Winter 2010-11, Vol. 2 Issue 5, highlighting the caliber of the poetry. The same issue also featured nonfiction by Sari Fordham, one of the authors included in the Best of the Net 2011 anthology.

From its inception, Cerise Press published hundreds of voices in English and translation, including such writers as Bei Dao (translated by Clayton Eshleman and Lucas Klein), Pura López-Colomé (translated by Forrest Gander), Mahmoud Darwish (translated by Fady Joudah), Tahar Bekri (translated by Marilyn Hacker), Yves Bonnefoy (translated by Hoyt Rogers), Yusef Komunyakaa, Tess Gallagher, Cole Swensen, Carl Phillips, Sandra Meek, and numerous others. Cerise Press was also privileged to present the work of many artists and photographers such as Olivier Schwartz, Massimo Mastrorillo, Yacov Gabay, Linda O’Connor, Robert Vizzini, and Lynn Saville.

In its four-year run Cerise Press was noted for its diverse writing and translations by award-winning contributors, and for its elegant design and navigability. The Writer magazine featured Cerise Press in November 2011. The journal has also been mentioned in Luna Park, The Huffington Post, the Poetry Foundation’s Harriet blog, and The Constant Conversation, among other venues. Sabotage Reviews likened the Fall/Winter 2012-13 Issue 11 to a “salon filled with an intimidatingly erudite and international crowd of writers, talking with each other about a myriad of fascinating and impossible things in at least seven different languages at once.”

Cerise Press published the final Summer 2013, Vol. 5 Issue 13 on July 1, 2013. This website remains as an archive. Past editions may be viewed through the site map.

Rooftop at Saint-Véran, France
BY Greta Aart

SALLY MOLINI has had poetry published in many national literary journals, including Beloit Poetry Journal, Barrow Street, Denver Quarterly, American Letters & Commentary, and Cimarron Review, and was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. A graduate of Warren Wilson College’s MFA Program, she lives in Nebraska.

KAREN RIGBY is the author of Chinoiserie (Ahsahta Press, 2012). (karenrigby.com)

FIONA SZE-LORRAIN is the author of two books of poetry, My Funeral Gondola (El León/Manoa Books, 2013) and Water the Moon (Marick, 2010). In addition to her volumes of translation of Chinese poets from Zephyr Press, she has translated several French and American authors. An editor at Vif éditions and a zheng harpist, she lives in France. (fionasze.com)

Carnac, France
BY Greta Aart
Contributing Editors

Auxeméry | France
Tony Brinkley | USA
Christina Cook | USA
Erica Goss | USA
Maryanne Hannan | USA
Laura Kasischke | USA
William La Ganza | France
Sylvia Legris | Canada
Dechen Pemba | U.K. / Tibet
Olivier Schwartz | France
James Smart | USA
Mary Helen Stefaniak | USA
John Taylor | France
Theresa Urbainczyk | U.K. / Ireland
Eleanor Wilner | USA


Cerise Press, revue littéraire internationale basée aux États-Unis et en France, construit des liens transculturels en rendant visibles des artistes et des écrivains — en anglais, en français et en autres traductions —, mettant l’accent aussi sur des œuvres françaises et francophones. Co-fondé en 2009 par Fiona Sze-Lorrain, Sally Molini et Karen Rigby, Cerise Press se propose d’être une force coagulante où l’imagination, la perspicacité et la conversation expriment les formes mouvantes et évoluées de l’expérience humaine.


SALLY MOLINI dont la poésie a été publiée dans de très nombreux journaux littéraires nationaux, incluant Beloit Poetry Journal, Barrow Street, Denver Quarterly, American Letters & Commentary, Cimarron Review, etc., a été nommée pour le Pushcart Prize. Elle est aluminae de Warren Wilson College (MFA) et vit à Omaha, au Nebraska.

KAREN RIGBY est l’auteur de Chinoiserie (Ahsahta Press, 2012). (karenrigby.com)

FIONA SZE-LORRAIN écrit et traduit en français, anglais et chinois. Elle est l’auteur de deux recueils de poésie : My Funeral Gondola (El León/Manoa Books, 2013) et Water the Moon (Marick, 2010) ; et de traductions de poètes contemporains chinois, américains et français. Concertiste de zheng (la cithare chinoise), elle est co-responsable de Vif éditions à Paris. (fionasze.com)

Carnac, France
PAR Greta Aart


Auxeméry | France
Tony Brinkley | États-Unis
Christina Cook | États-Unis
Erica Goss | États-Unis
Maryanne Hannan | États-Unis
Laura Kasischke | États-Unis
William La Ganza | France
Sylvia Legris | Canada
Dechen Pemba | Royaume-Uni / Tibet
Olivier Schwartz | France
James Smart | États-Unis
Mary Helen Stefaniak | États-Unis
John Taylor | France
Theresa Urbainczyk | Royaume-Uni / Irlande
Eleanor Wilner | États-Unis

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