The Lungs and Other Viscera, c.1508[1]

(After Leonardo da Vinci)

The botanical cadaver. The bulbous presciently Baroque liver. The rhizomatous intestinal infrastructure.

Lungs an elaborate epithelial embroidery. Adipose woven begonias, conspicuously stipulated. Scarious. Squamous crosshatch. Pseudostrati —

graphic marginalia. The crowded abdominal cavity an anatomical scriptorium… l’opere mirabile della natura. The calligraphic race

against putrefaction. Black chalk, pen and ink-wash, connective tissue… the marvellous works of nature…

[1] da Vinci’s drawing is likely based on the dissection of a pig.
Refer to Martin Clayton and Ron Philo, Leonardo da Vinci:
The Mechanics of Man
, Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Museum,

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