Iconic Images: the Cultural-Sacred Photographs of Linda Connor

Harvey Stein, a New York-based teacher and photographer, said he thought it took five minutes to properly view a good photograph. That seems like an eternity in this age of image-barrage that afflicts modern society. Consider. The Yahoo news photo editor sorts through 5,000 images each day in his search for compelling photos.

Linda Connor

In this digital age, we are inundated with photographs. And the method of their presentation is changing. Adobe, the maker of image-manipulating software, now develops its platforms into a program targeting solely the digital screen, all but declaring the era of the printed photograph is dead — except for fine art photography.

But there is good news for those willing to search and go to museums that display fine art. We can still see great contemporary photographs in person, and one such photographer whose work demands long-viewing and careful consideration is Linda Connor, a San Francisco-based photographer and teacher who has taught at the San Francisco Art Institute since 1969.

Ms. Connor’s education came under the instruction of Harry Callahan at the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, and Aaron Siskind at the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. She was born in New York in 1944 and now lives in Marin County in a house whose interior has the tidy look of a museum, filled as it is with collected art objects from throughout the world.

I was able to catch one of her shows at the Palm Springs Art Museum. It was a rare treat, where Stein’s five-minute rule applied. Ms. Connor has graciously allowed us to feature several of her photographs, but do note, however, that like all fine art, the images are even more compelling when seen in person, where textures and other beautiful qualities of the work are more palpably present. She also took time from her busy summer schedule, as she is always working and teaching. Her work is currently on display at the Rhode Island School of Design, and future shows are in the works.

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