April 16, 2012 Verse Daily
Web Weekly Feature

An Elegiac Tone Predominates

Winter flight
of starlings

dark curtain let fall
across cirrus winged like the gift

of direction
twin lungs charmed

in tin chained at the throat
to spell back breatha missing

fluencybloom a freeze
that lasts all season

plastic tulipsrosesgraven garden
fully blown that first day given

to undying before the river was born

limestone to canyon over
millions of years

millions what’s been scratched
out from historybronze plaque at the Falls

to stunt distance back to
in the beginning when there was nothing

not horizon
time held in the space

of two hands
this world in parenthesesan aside

beneath a balding
northern sky

hole in the skinthe winding cloth
searchlight zeroingwarmingthe body

an amuleta luminous stem atmosphere
breathes through

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