Dream Sequence for the Century, with Sonata

The river. Distance to the river.
The fog between the river and here occupying the distance to the river.
For instance, the morning rising through the fog.
A book which migrates.
The hands of the century filling with grain.
Bodies in the fields becoming the fields.

— the past participle of sounding. No compositional
form encounters this.
Fog over the house.
Fog over the morning.
House buried in morning.
If in fact the morning.
The migration of bodies across fields.

Standard definition, an introduction.
The room is cold and smells like the bread your grandmother made
every time you visited her.
House next to the river or far from the river.

If in fact the century is disintegrating.
If this story is unstable.
The house in the fog is the fog, the river rises out
of the fog and becomes the field. Where
are the bodies. Where is the book.
Bread disappears. Even the word.

Migration filling the century.
Grain filling the bread.
Book filling the stove.
The house lies next to the river.
In the fog, almost everything disintegrates.
Grammar and meaning. Overall form.

This is a continuing variation, if in fact
the morning. Under the house the river.
The fog rests on the bodies.
From here to the river: fields.
A body in the participle of morning.
Grain surrounding the book.
We, our bodies, the grandmother, the house.
The fields.
Space between fog, here and the river.

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