That is, A and B share a bed for thirty-six years. The perception A – B corresponds to that broken mirror which, when placed before B, fails to reflect A. The shaft of light is called the difference.

In another instance, the vestibule necessitates subtraction by hovering thirteen moths over A – B as the black umbrella of A and that silence (denoted by -B) results in R. Upstairs, the boiling point is measured by the kettle’s whistle; R is a depressed area based on the calculation of existing structures.

Later, the lovemaking effected by -B is called the clam inversion of B. Subjective reality has a unique manner of growing (R is its own universe). In this context, “subtraction” may occur on different kinds of subjects, and the actual relationship between A and B greatly revealed as car lights would reach into a room and lick the upturned ankle where the equation is in scar tissue.

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