Glorious Business

A new tomorrow to put a dance in my step,
please, unwind the anxiousness building

like nests in the trees all frozen today
because of all this unreasonable snow.

Sometimes it seems like severe thinking
is the best kind because can anyone afford

to be generous with themselves? I’m pretty smug
as I sip coffee grandly. This requisite

sadness, my sonnets unrequited, like a dawn
in the morning, dreaded & necessary. I’ll name

the afternoon’s leisure to convince myself
I can open my eyes all by my lonesome.

I can’t give the leaves a break, can’t give them
a day off, my body too flighty but not ready

to tremble. I’m punching a clock because I’m angry
at time & I’m wondering who cares if the sun

tries to shine. Still with the snow in the air
in late April. Still unsure of the moves needed

to wake up the night. Business or circus,
I’m wearing a suit. My uniform is pressed & ready

for action. My body all coiled, a season
of action, & the red phone ringing throughout

mansion I’ve inherited to hide in. I’m taking
my time answering, slowing down

my response like a snake in the cold.

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