The Signal

If at all possible, I shall send a signal.
Should there not be a signal: no pos-
sibility: you will remain grief-struck.
The problem with this matter of pos-
sibility I shall define as follows: if
there is such and you believe in it,
you triumph. If there is such but you
cannot believe, there is perhaps relief.
But, whether you believe or disbelieve,
should there not be this possibility —
resulting nothingness is still the same.
By nothingness, I here mean nothing-
, a state of darkness indescribable
in which not even nothing can have
any substance. The “nothing” you know
implies a “something” you can think.
But it’s the nothingness of nothing
you have to bill to mind. Not at
all easy! This is the only scandal of
our “possibility,” its terminus or not.
It is a mortal insult to the living no
single philo-soph has ever swallowed,
or ever will on the behalf of man.

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