Confluence — New York

New York has always been a place of change, and for some time now it seems to be increasingly and rapidly shifting, reshaping, and vanishing. Along with getting older, I have been feeling the preciousness of time passing, with all the extraneous aspects of making photographs weighing on me to the point where I stopped taking photographs for a couple of years. I found though in my travels in the city that I am continually aware of images I needed to capture. I decided I had to get back to documenting them again on film.

I decided to do a large-scale project on New York, my hometown. I had a sense of urgency both with my feelings of getting older and with the rapidity of the changes in the city. So I started photographing feverishly, night after night, finding new aspects of the cityscape to capture at every turn.

After over ten years of shooting black and white images, choosing to shoot color had rejuvenated my art. Per my usual practice, I was shooting at night, where the long exposures invite surprises.

— Robert Vizzini

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