Third Eye

I say
part of the eye has seen loss
part waits for it —

yet two horses mild as mild
dogs came into the house —

You say
we could agree to love them
while you read a book of accidental humor

in an etching, cylindrical engines
blow the man overboard
back onto the ship
aloft on fonts of water frothing
comic as sea-monsters to science

you tell me, Science
the mouse in my stomach is doubt
is the animal fear wriggling

yet sleeping naked I go closer to beloved
you naked in a distant state

as Buddha on the bathroom counter
holds something gold, maybe a lotus
or a flame, between planes
of his soles’ Limoges

a gray horse settles down on kitchen floor
before we touch her —
gladness fills the room

sunning the waiting, cracking it
open, on the prow a shark’s jaw


O golden O gold

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