The nation’s one
undergod glows in the dark. To its immense
satisfaction cover your heart & allege.

Repeat after me, pistol
packermeister & schoolkid of immemories: I’m not
gonna stand for it.

Units of distaste,

privy trough, hogtied public flag about the chinny
chin chins, yum. Ruling classic for all: flog
a misfit for the edification. Prod the glib & glibberty
dissidents up to a dropstep gibbet jig.

Video: Amber waves goodbye &
godspeedy, too. Boo whoo? — you, it’s just US of a-

nother disgruntled grunt’s shock & aw-shucks
AmeriCanis-cannibalis, dog-eat-(hot
diggety)-dog, jackal-of-oil-tirades,
commodieties & the x-change:

hawkitup, yank, & jingo.

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