If I Had an Eye Patch, I’d Give You My Eye — [1]

Breath pushed against the porthole, they sought to give a geographical location for desire. The fog disappeared as soon as some person’s name was written; [2] their fingers, on this they agreed, felt like toothpaste afterwards. 4 a.m. is heartbeart and sleepwalking. [3] When the captain was found drunk inside a specimen jar, one of two things happened: [4] they searched his addiction for elements they could use on themselves. The hen stopped laying eggs and had to be eaten. [5] They had set out to fall in love with the sea. Later, the experiments became more inhuman than they had prepared for. [6] Which part of this burning ship did you live in. [7]

[1 One eye is better than none. This goes to follow that an individual with two eyes stands for greed, for duplicity, for a partnership of convenience.
[2 Even if the drawing indicated a smiling face, it remains a concept that was detached from the one who drew it. The name is always personal, owned by both the user and the owner. It could, like a tumor, be benign or malignant.
[3 The wooden leg makes a noise that is a substitute for the self; in short, a foreigner in the body of a ship. The heartbeat is composed of many foreign gestures.
[4 It was protocol to throw the dead overboard. This didn’t happen; there are rules.
[5 This is an attempt to explain the events that occurred after the captain’s demise, in which organs, trinkets, clothes, etc. were taken from the body. The hen, too contained organs and plumage, and hence considered a dying animal. The indifference that the living seems to feel toward the dead/dying shows how irrelevant they themselves have become to living.
[6 Previously, the ship was 55 acres of forest.
[7 Living is scientifically known as a burning process.

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